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Submitted by Nadia
Goodmorning to all of our students!

Today we will talk about the different ways of asking a coffee in a bar.

Do you like drinking coffee in the morning? You can't even imagine your morning without a good coffee? Here is a list with the names of the different types of coffee so you can ask for our favourite coffee in Spanish bars ;-)

Café solo - it's simple espresso
Café americano - it's a coffee with more water
Café doble - it's coffee with a double portion of coffee
Un café cortado - it's coffee with some milk
Un cafe´con leche - it's half coffee half milk
Un café lágrima -it's some coffee and a lot of milk
Cappuchino - coffee with some milk a lot of foam and with or without chocolate and cinnamon
Café latte - it's coffee with a lot of milk and some foam
Macchiato - it's coffee with foam
Espresso panna - coffee with whipped cream
Un café breve - it's a coffee with both milk and cream
Un mocha or café venés - it's a coffee with chocolate, milk and foam
Café bombón -it's coffee with condensed milk
Un café arabe - it's a coffee with spices like cardamon or cinnamon
Un carajillo - coffee with liquor distilled from grape remains, brandy or rum
Un café irlandés - it's coffee with whisky and whipped cream
Un café hawaiano - it's coffee with milk and coconut
Un café Amaretto - it's coffee with Amaretto liquor and milk cream
Un café caribeño - it's coffee with rum sugar and vanilla
Un submarino - it's milk with a chocolate bar
Un quitafrio - it's milk with whisky or rum, honey and spices


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    dónde consigo ese poster? me encanta.


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