We offer a wide variety of superb online Spanish courses at Instituto Hemingway

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Instituto Hemingway offers several virtual courses. As well as many Spanish courses, we provide a basic course in hospitality that can help you enter the hospitality sector in Spain. This course offers the opportunity to get to know how hotels, restaurants and gastronomy in general works to prepare you for a job in any of these areas. The course has 7 units and the duration is approximately 40 hours.

As part of our Spanish course selection, we give you the opportunity to participate in a course of verbs in the past tense, one of the most grammatically challenging parts of the Spanish language. In addition, we provide a course on prepositions that tackles the matter of the use of prepositions based on various examples. Furthermore, we offer a course on the verbs ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, another particularly challenging aspect of Spanish. The duration of these courses is approximately 20 hours per course. The course on the use of the subjunctive mood in Spanish offers the possibility to address problems with constructing sentences that involve uncertainty, opinion and emotion in Spanish.

Conversation courses through Skype, Googe Talk or on the telephone can help to improve your level of spoken Spanish. We offer this course for levels: A1, A2 and B1. During each course we will work on the most significant aspects of the language, as well as the specific difficulties that one encounters whilst learning Spanish.



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