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Throughout this basic Course of hotel industry we will give you resources and tools in order to know the functioning of the hotel industry in Spain. Hotels, restaurants, gastronomy .. and we will try to keep you up to date with the most esencial aspects, so, in this way your job or internship in a hotel or restaurant will be a success. This course offers us the possibility of getting closer to the hotel business in a simple and enjoyable way.

We cover several questions related with the industry from culinary techniques to traditions going through legal issues or marketing advice.

The Course lasts approximately 40 hours, structured in seven Didactic Units specifically stylized in order to make the understanding of the subject easier for the student. Each Unity provides examples that facilitate the learning, enrich the contents and help understanding the reality of the hotel business.

Addressed to all those persons interested in working in the hotel industry or undertake an internship or a practice-job in hotels or restaurants in Spain.

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