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One of the most problematic elements of the Spanish language, the subjunctive is a linguistic phenomenon that is used notably less in other modern European languages, in comparison with Spanish. Nevertheless, it is a key aspect of expressing oneself in an effective and coherent way in one of the most spoken languages in the world!

Consequently, the correct application of the subjunctive is fundamental to achieving B1 to C2 levels in Spanish, as recognised by Instituto Cervantes. Mastering the conventions of its usage is often tricky. Therefore, it is recommended that one takes advantage professional teaching and high quality learning materials in order to overcome this challenge.
Our language school has provided Spanish courses, both online and in classrooms for the last 17 years. Throughout this period, we have refined our methodology in order to make learning Spanish interactive, interesting and quick.

Owing to the difficulties brought about by the Spanish subjunctive, we offer a course with the specific purpose of tackling the matter directly. We provide the student with all that they need to overcome the confusing application of the subjunctive, eventually enabling them to employ it with ease in both written and spoken communication.

We also offer a wide selection of courses which confront other problematic elements of the language, such as the use of ‘ser’ and ‘estar’, the past tenses and prepositions.

We encourage you to view our course selection in full.
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