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Spanish language courses online are aimed at Spanish students who want to improve one of their language skills , prepare for the DELE exams, overcome difficulties, improve their oral expression, gain an in-depth understanding of aspects of Spanish or prepare to visit or stay in Spain.

Once you have enrolled on one of our Spanish courses online, you will receive your login details to access the Virtual Classroom where you will find all the course content and the sections where you can contact your tutor:

  1. The content of the Spanish courses online is divided into different lessons or modules which appear in pdf format.
  2. Each course also includes exercises so that you can put into practice everything that you have learnt. All of them are accompanied by answers which you can contrast with your own attempts.
  3. You will have a teacher or tutor communication area where you will be able to raise all the issues which you might come across, exchanging opinions and making any comments. .
  4. Some courses include personalised classes with the teacher or tutor by Skype or Google talk as well as sound files to improve your listening. In this case, you must agree your specific contact hours with the teacher
  5. All our tutors have specific training in Spanish pedagogy and comparable experience in teaching Spanish.
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