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There is a whole world of books out there to discover. Endless fascinating stories and adventures to read.

Reading is an unforgettable experience that defines people. The only thing that, in reality, we need is a good book to transport us to different worlds and experiences, that bring to life our passion for reading, discovering and learning.

Reading is far more than just a leisure activity to pass the time. It brings out emotion and feeling. There is one question that should always be asked: What book have you most recently read?

Today we will be discussing one of the best books ever written, Don Quixote

Don Quixote is a novel written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Published in 1605, it is the most famous work of Spanish literature and arguably one of best-known books in the world.

In short, Don Quixote is a man from Mancha who is driven mad by the chivalrous books he has read. He believes himself to be a knight and subsequently goes out on three separate adventures, which all turn out to be nonsense.

“An unoccupied reader, I want this book as an understanding child. It was the most beautiful, most gallant and most discreet book one could possibly imagine. But I have not been able to contravene the order of nature; that in her each thing begets his fellow”.

Thus the lecture of Don Quixote begins. Do you like it?

Stop hesitating and start learning Spanish with us and discover some of the most fascinating books on our planet.


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