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Some of the Spanish courses online that we have developed include a number of hours of personal contact Hangouts (Google Talk) o por Skype.

During language courses the opportunity to talk with a teacher is essential. Some of our courses aimed at Spanish students therefore include a number of hours of personal contact with the teacher via Skype or Google Talk.

When the aim is to improve you’re listening and speaking skills it is very important to have some personal contact hours with a teacher. New technologies allow us to speak and communicate with a teacher without leaving home. Wherever you are, you can arrange your meeting with your teacher via Skype. You can agree on a time which most suits you with your teacher showcasing everything you have learnt during the course

Remember that our Spanish courses online are not only given via Skype or Google Talk, they are also based on texts and files which you can download and which complement your own effort. Your teacher will help you to work on the course content.

The advantages of a Spanish course online with Instituto Hemingway:

  1. Easy to access with individual passwords
  2. Up-to-date materials which are easy to follow
  3. A personal tutor throughout the course
  4. A certificate of completion
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